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Customised Cakes

Every custom cake we create is made just for you. You can customise every inch of your design inside and out.

Our handcrafted cakes are designed uniquely to fit your theme. They are priced per project depending on the amount of detail. There are no limits to what we can do!

Cakes By Laura Melbourne caters to all occasions, weddings, engagements, birthdays for all ages, anniversaries, baby showers, gender reveal parties and more.

Please browse below and request a quote from us. 

All Occasions
Single Tier Cake

Prices start from

6 Inch - (25 Coffee Serves or 12 Dessert Serves) 
7 Inch - ( 30 Coffee Serves or 15 Dessert Serves) 
8 Inch - ( 40 Coffee Serves or 20 Dessert Serves) 

All Occasions
Tier 2 Cakes

2 Tier Cakes

6 and 8 inch – 70 coffee serves /  35 dessert serves
6 and 9 inch – 80 coffee serves/ 40 dessert serves
7 and 9 inch – 90 coffee serves/ 45 dessert serves
7 and 10 inch -100 coffee serves/ 50 dessert serves.

**If a greater number of serves is required a 3 tiered cake or an additional cutting cake may be recommended.


All Occasions
Tier 3 Cakes

3 Tier Cakes

5/7/9 approx 100 coffee serves/ 50 dessert
6/8/10 approx 140 coffee serves / 70 dessert
6/9/12 approx 200 coffee serves /100 dessert


All Occasion
3D Cakes

All 3 d cakes start from minimum 30 – 40 coffee serves, this is generally the amount of cake needed to achieve the required shape. Chocolate mud cake is the only flavour that we choose to work with as our delicious chocolate mud cake has the perfect texture and stability for carving and shaping cake. We don’t use shaped tins, all cakes are carved from round or square cakes ensuring the most moist and mouth water edible art! The overall cost of a 3d cake will depend on the complexity of the design.


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